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Bellesa - my version

Bellesa- my version

My version- Listen to me

My version- Listen to me
Tutorial: http://ahmetpspdesign.blogspot.nl/p/my-tutorials.html

Love is Like War - My version

My version: Love is Like War

Thank you Ahmet

1. version:

2. version

Don't Cry- My new tutorial ( Translate )

Don’t Cry

Don't Cry

Türkçe tutorial > Burada


Thank you Pinuccia

Simple- Pizza Slice Mirror
Filter Factory Gallery J – Drink to Me
Mura’s Meister- Copies
Ulead Effects- GIF-X 2.0
Tramages Tow The Line
Grafic Plus- Cross Shadow

Woman tube: Hazal
Anothers: Unknown
Thank you very much


Alternative material download link:

This Tutorial Made with PSP 9
Open material file, open mask file and put it in your psp mask file, open preset file and double click on, whide the program is open.

Now Starting
Foreground color: #dae3f6 , Background color: #0f3883

1-      File- New image- open New Layer transparant,  650 x 550
2-      Fill  #dae3f6
3-      Layers - New Raster Layer and  Fill #0f3883
4-      Layers - New Mask Layer - Narah_mask_Abstract99, 

Layers - Merge - Merge Group

5-      Effects - Edge Effects – Enhance
6-      Effects- Plugın- Simple- Pizza Slice Mirror

7-      Merge Visible
8-      Effects- Plugıns- Filter Factory Gallery J – Drink to Me

9-      Text Tool and write “Don’t cry “ for background and after  Convert to Raster Layer

10-   Effects- Plugins- Mura’s Meister- Copies

11-   Blend mode ayarını: Softlight

12-New raster layer, Custom selection:

13-   No fill color. Effects- 3D effecst- Drop Shadow, twice.

14-   Selections- Select None
15-   Effects- Geometric effects- Skew

should be such that

16-   Layers – New Raster Layer and click on the top fight and bottom left corners with Magic Wand tool
16-   Fill gradient

17-   Selections- İnvert, Effects – 3D effects- Drop Shadow, twice, 

18-   Selections- Select None
19-   Actived top layer , Effects- Plugins- Alien skin Eye Candy 5- Nature- water Drops, select from user settings:   “ damla”  preset and OK 

or apply the following settings

20-   Layers – New Raster Layer, Selection tool- Custom selection

21-   Effects- 3D effects- Drop shadow, twice like 13 and 17.

should look like

22-   Fill dark background color, 
Selections- Modify- Contract 2 pixel, fill light foreground color,
again Selections- Modify- Contract 1 pixel, fill gradient

23-   Open and copy woman face tube, Paste into  Selection

24-   Selections- Select None
25-   Effects- Plugins- Tramages Tow The Line

26-   Actived top layer , Effects- Plugins- Ulead Effects- GIF-X 2.0, scan

27-   Save, gif and
 close effect
28-   Top layer, again  woman face tube, copy, paste as new layer, İmage, resize % 60,
 Opacity: % 50

29-   Effects- Plugin- Flaming Pear- Flood

30-   Actived top layer, open Man face tube, copy, paste as new layer, image Resize % 60, pull the letf corner with  Raster Deform Tool

31-   Blend mode: Overlay,  Opacity 82
32-   Open Woman tubes 75_ Hazal, copy, paste as new layer, image resize % 80,
  pull the right corner with Raster Deform tool,
33-   Effects- 3D- Drop Shadow

34-   Blend mode- Luminance Legacy
35-   İmage-  Add Borders 1 pixel, with dark background color.

36-   Click right on the Background layer- Promate Background Layer.
37-   İmage- Canvas Size, Width: 700 Height: 600 pixel

38-   Layers – New Raster Layer, Arrange- move down

39-   Actived bottom layer, fill gradient

40-   Effects- Plugins- Graphics Plus- Cross Shadow

41-   Effects- Plugin- Tramages- Tow the Line

42-   Actived top layer, Effect 3D Effects- Drop Shadow, twice 

43-   Open text tube “ Don’t Cry “copy, paste as new layer
44-   Effects- İmage effects- Offset

45-   Blend mode Hardlight

46-   Add your watermarkt
47-   layers of the moment such as:

48-   Merge Visible
49-   Save as Psp ( Animation shop)
50-   Open your Animation Shop, Open the finished work and your little gif before finished 27. Step
51-   Gif is 15 frame, please dublicated your main work, Edit- Duplicate selected , (15 frame should be)

52-   Top main work, click to first frame, Edit- Edit all
53-   Bottom gif, click on the first frame, Edit- Edit all / and now click to first frame and pull up to my main( top main work) first frame , into little frame …
54-   View Animation
55-   Save as gif

I hope you enjoy
Thank you


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Teşekkürler Ahmet

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Teşekkürler Umut

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Thank you Pinuccia

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