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Mutlu Yıllar ( Happy New Year ) - My new tutorial

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Mutlu Yıllar  ( Happy new year )

My new tutorial: Mutlu Yıllar


*Van Der Lee- snowflakes
*MuRa’s Meister- Copies
*Filters Unlimited 2
*Alien Skin Eye Candy 5- Nature
*Toadies- What are you

Woman tube by HaZal


Before you start work:
*For import presets in Alien Skin Eye Candy 5,
*Open material file
*Double click on the preset and will be placed directly in the Settings folder Alien Skin Eye   Candy 5

This Tutorial Write with PSP 9

My color palette:

*Open your mask and  color palette in Psp

Let's start now

1- File-New-new image 800 x 600 transparent, fill #f0f1f5 ( light color)
2-New raster layer, fill #dc212a ( dark)
3- Open zuzzanna winter mask
     Layers - New mask layer- from image

4- Merge group


5-Adjust- Sharpness- Sharpen
6- Selection-Custom selection

7- Open tube: Home / copy
     Paste into selection
8-Van Der Lee- Snowflakes

9- Effects- 3D Effects- Drop shadow ( 3-3-50-15 )

10- Selections - Select none

11-Set background color #ffffff
      Open text tool, write “ Mutlu yıllar” or ( Happy new year)
      ( anyone font and size what you like) 
      ( My choise:  Font: Better of 1 Size:30 )

12-MuRa’s Meister- Copies

13-İmage-Rotate-Free rotate-left 90

14- Adjust-sharpness-sharpen
      Effects-3D Efects- Drop shadow ( 3-3-45-10 )

15-Place the right or where you want

16-Open star deco / copy-paste as new layer / image-resize 40
17-Place on top of the word tree / adjust-sharpness-sharpen
     Effects-3D effects-Drop shadow ( 3-3-70-7 )

18-İmage-add borders 1 px #f3f1eb -  2 px #dc212a - 40 px  #f3f1eb
19-Magic wand- select last border

20-Filters Unlimited 2 - Paper texture-Canvas coarse

21-Effects- Alien Skin Eyes Candy  5-Nature
     Click: New Year

Or if you want: Alien Skin Eye Candy 5- Nature-Snow Drift
      Setting: large a little white snow 


22-Select invert
     Effects- 3D effects- Drop shadow- ( 4-4-50-10 )
     Select none

23-İmage- Add borders 1 px #dc212a 
     Add border:1px  #f3f1eb
     Add border:1px  #dc212a 
     Add border: 40 px #f3f1eb

24-Magic wand - select last border- Effects - Toadies- What are you

25-Effects- Edge effects- enhance
     Select invert
     Effecst-3D effects- Drop shadow-( 3-3-60-7)
     Selections-Select none

26- Open deco Noel glob - copy
27- Paste as new layer - İmage resize 60

28- Place right corner or elsewhere

29-Effects-3D Effects- Drop shadow-( 3-3-60-7)

30-Open woman tubes 5- HaZal  / copy-paste as new layer
31-İmage-resize 75

32-Place the left or right
33-Effects-3D effect (5-5-50-12)

34- Open text: Mutlu Yıllar / copy-paste as new layer
      (You can also write with a different font you want)
35- Move  to where you want

36- Open Font: Turkish Participants,
        write: 2014 ( foreground #20283c, background #ffffff ) or just the opposite,
        size: 72, stroke: 2

        Place where you want

37- Add your name or watermarkt
38- Add border 1 px #dc212a
39- Save as JPEG
      Written by Müşerref Özdaş ( Msrf )
            December 1013

      I hope you enjoy

This is result:

My another version


My friends versions:

Teşekkür ederim sevgili Hazal

Teşekkür ederim Nihal

Nihal, 2. versiyon
Teşekkürler Nihal

Teşekkürler Erdemir

Thank you Eva.

Teşekkürler Nazlı ( gif versiyon)

Teşekkürler Nazlı

Teşekkür ederim Jade

Jade  2. versiyon
( Gif hali de çok iyi olmuş, teşekkürler)

Jade 3. versiyon
Teşekkürler Jade

Teşekkürler Ahmet

Ahmet 2. versiyon

Teşekkürlere Seval

Teşekkür ederim Umut

Umut 2. versiyon
Teşekkür ederim