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Erguvan Zamanı-İSTANBUL

Msrf Designs

Translation by Franie Margot
Thank you Franie

Thank you Pinuccia
Bedankt, Lisette


FunHouse- Chaos mirror
Mehdi-Sorting Tiles
Two Moon-Balloons
MuRa’s Seamless 
Tramages- Pool shadow
Unplugged Tools-İnterlace

Materials download:


* Open the brush in PSP and export as Custom Brush
* Copy the selection files to the Selections folder of PSP

So let’s start

1- Open a new transparent image of 800 x 550 px

2- Open colors palette in PSP and    

Set your Foregroundcolor to #f3dbf5    

Set your Backgroundcolor to #381553

3- Fill with the gradient as follow
4-Adjust- Blur-Gaussian blur: 20
5- Effects- FunHouse- Chaos mirror -72
6-Effects- Mehdi-Sorting Tiles
7-Layers- Dublicate  
 Effects- Two Moon-Balloons
 Blend mode Overlay - Opacity 60
8-Merge down
9-MuRa’s Seamless - Shift at wave
10-New Raster layer      Selections - Load/Save selections-Laod Selection from Disc - Erguvan-selection
11-Fill  #4d1b7b color - Selections-Modify- contract 2 px      
Press delete
12- Fill #a51676 color 
13-Selections- modify 2 px.     
Press delete
14- Fill #f3dbf5 color
15- open misted(image 4)

( or if you want another one: M8)Paste into selection
(if you want paste into another lanscape)
16-Select none
17-New raster layer
18- Click to paint bruhs and Prepare as follows

Find: Bahar Size: 200 And Click twice on the right side as follows:

19- İmage- Add borders 1 px. #f3dbf5 color    
İmage-Add borders 1 px. #ab2876 color 
20- İmage-Add border 40 px.  #f3dbf5 color      
 İmage add borders 1 px.#ab2876 color 
21- Activated magic wand
and Click on the light colored frame Select as follows:
22- Effects- Tramages- Pool shadow  
     Select none
23-Dublicate     İmage-Resize 90
24- Click to bottom layer( Background)
25-Effects- Unplugged Tools-İnterlace
26-Click to top layer      
Open Pink flower tube ( Bahar dalı)
27-Copy- paste as new layer     
 Place the top left

28-Effects-3D effects- Drop shadow as follow:

İmage-Flip    İmage -mirror
30-Open woman tube and      
Copy-paste as new layer
31-Place bottom left as follow

32-Effects-3D effects- Drop shadow as follow:
3 / 3 / 80 / 6 siyah

33-Open text      
Copy-paste as new layer  
Effects-image effects- Offset

34-Add your name or watermarkt

35-İmage-Add borders 1 px. #ab2876 color 

36-Save as JPEG

This is my result:

Another versions

İf you wish you can post your result on my Facebook page
I hope you enjoy

Thank you
Müşerref Özdaş ( Msrf )

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