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Love letter - New tutorial

Love Letter
My new psp tutorial

Merci Franie.

Thank you Pinuccia
Bedankt, Lisette


Effects-Alien skin-Eye candy 5-Textures-Swirl
Alien Skin - Eye cany 5 impact- Perspective shadow

Plugıns: If you want to download the plugins here

Love Letter

This tutorial created with PSP 9


*Open the brush in PSP and export as Custom Brush
*Save  presets

You can change Blend Modes according your color !

Foreground Color   #021047 dark color
Background Color  #f9f9f7 light renk

So let’s start

1- Open  800 x 400 New Transparent Image

2- Fill with foreground color #021047 dark color
    *New raster layer ( Raster 2)
    *Select all
    *Open tube 2     
    *Copy-Paste into selection
    *Select none
    *Blend mode: Luminance legacy

3 -Activate magic wand tool

Click the middle of work

4- New raster layer(Raster 3)
   Open Lf mistedValentine
   Copy-Paste into selection
   Select none
   Opacity: 66

5-Activated Raster 2
  Effects- Edge effects- Enhance

6-Activate Raster 3
   Open tube envelope
   Copy-Paste as new layer ( Raster 4)

7- İmage-Resize 40

8-Efects- İmage Effects- Offset( 50/-100 )

9-Adjust- Sharpness-Sharpen
    Effects- 3D effects- Drop shadow ( 3-3-65-7)

10-Select all - Modify- Contract: 75

11- New raster layer( Raster 5)

    Fill background color f9f9f7 ( light color )

12- Selections-modify- contract: 5
      Press Delete
      Select none

13-Activate magic wand- click to last border
As you can see below

14- Effects- 3D effects- İnner bevel

15-Select none

16-New Raster Layer ( Raster 6) 
and change foreground color with  #f9f9f7 ( light color )

     Paint brush- K2- click to left corner twice ( size 150- opacity 75)

     As you can see below

17- Dublicate Raster 6( copy of Raster 6)

18-İmage - Flip
İmage - Mirror
    Merge down and again merge down ( twice)
    Effects- 3D Effects- Drop shadow( 3-3-65-7)

    Layers as you can see below


19-Open deco 1
Copy - Paste as new layer ( Raster 6)

20-Effects- İmage Effects- Offset ( 0-160)

21- Dublicate Raster 6 ( copy of Raster 6)

22-İmage- Flip

23-Open deco 2
     Copy-Paste as new layer ( Raster 7)

     Effects- İmage Effects- Offset (365-0)

24-Dublicate Raster 7 ( copy of Raster 7)


26- Now, please close raster 1-2-3- 4 and 5

      Another rasters must be open !

      Click to top raster ( copy of Raster 7) and merge visible

27- Again open the raster 1-2-3- 4 and 5 please. ( Don’t forget this step please)

28-Click to top raster ( merged)

29- Effects- 3D effects- Drop shadow ( 3-3-65-7)

30-Open man tube R.G 

Copy-Paste as new layer ( Raster 6)

     İmage -Resize 50

     Adjust- Sharpness- Sharpen

31-Effects- İmage Effects- Offset ( -200 / -48 )

32-Effects- 3D effects- Drop shadow ( 8-8-80-15)

33- New raster layer ( Raster 7) 

*Change foreground color with  #ffffff

      Paint Brush-K6  Letter love ( size 166 - opacity 100)

      Click to right  as you can see below

34- Duplicate Raster 7(copy of Raster 7)
      Merge down

35-İmage - Add borders-Symmetric- 1 px. #021047
     İmage - Add borders-Symmetric- 2 Px. #ffffff white
     İmage - Add borders-Symmetric- 1 px. #021047
     İmage - Add borders-Symmetric- 15 px. #ffffff white
     İmage -Add borders-Symmetric-  1 px. #021047
     İmage - Add borders-Symmetric-  30 px. #ffffff white
     İmage - Add borders-Symmetric-  1 px. #021047
     İmage - Add borders-Symmetric-  50 px. #ffffff white

36- Activate magic wand tool- Click to last border

37- Effects-Alien skin-Eye candy 5-Textures-Swirl

      Select: Love letter swirl and click: OK

( Or prepared in accordance with the following pictures)

      Effects- Edge Effects- Enhance more

38-Selections- İnvert

39-Alien Skin - Eye cany 5 impact- Perspective shadow

    Select: Love letter shadow and click: Ok
40-Select none

41-Open Text1( by linda psp)

    Copy - Paste as new layer

Effects- İmage Effects- Offset( 0 / -215)

Effects- 3D effects- Drop shadow ( 0-0-35-25)

42- Open Text 2 (by  linda psp)

      Copy-Paste as new layer

      Effects- İmage Effects- Offset ( 207-6)


43-Open Text 3

Copy-Paste as new layer

     Effects- İmage Effects- Ofset: ( 0/50)

44-Add your name or watermark

45- Image- Add Borders 1 px #000000

46-Image - Resize 900 px

Save as JPG

I hope you enjoy

Thank you
Msrf Design
June 2014

This is my result:

Extra example:

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