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Bye Bye 2014 / Msrf new Tutorial

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Bye Bye 2014

My new tutorial

Filters ( Plugins):

* simple -Blintz
* AFS İMPORT-sqborder 2
* VanDerLee- Snow flakes
* Alien Skin Eye Candy 5- darbeye Perspektif shadow

(2015 animation by Msrf Designs )



Alternatif Material download link :

Ön :

copy / paste the  mask2 and put in  «My PSP Files» - «masks» 

Copy / paste the Brushes  «My PSP Files» -  «Brushes» 

copy / paste the Gradient «My PSP files» -  «Gradients»

Double click on the Preset  , while PSP is  open.


First stage:

Let's start working.

Use the arrow below to follow 

Open color palette

Red # b11d0f  
White: # ffffff
Black: # 000000

1- Prepare the Gradient with
Angle: 45 Repeats: 0

2- File-New
   Open new image 750 x 450 Transparent.

3-Fill with Gold gradient

  Simple -Blintz twice

5-Effects-Edge effects- Enhance

6- Layers- duplicate

İmage- mirror
İmage- flip

7-Blend modu: Soft light

8-Merge down

9- AFS İMPORT-sqborder 2
Standart settings

10- Layers- new raster layer
Fill with # B11d0f

11-Layers- load/ Save mask / Load mask From disk
     Mask 2

Invert transparency : checked

12- Layers-Merge- Merge group

13-Magic wand
Click the middle of the area

14-Layers-New raster layer

open msted paysages: Snow paysages ( kar manzarası)

Paste into selection

15- Keep the selectionseçin

VanDerLee- Snow flakes (62-2-14-70-5)

Random seed: 0

16-Selections- select none

17-Layers-Merge down

18- İmage-Canvas size 950 x 600 piksel

( Lock aspect ratio : no checked)

Click on the middle


19-Foreground color: # 000000

20-Layers-New raster layer

Fill with black

21-Layers- Arrange/  Move down

22- Activated the top layer

Alien Skin Eye Candy 5-İmpact
Perspektif shadow

User settings 
2014 Bye Bye

23- Open Deco corner (köşe)

Paste as new layer

24- İmage-Resize- 80

25 - Place the top left corner as follows

26- Adjust-Sharpness-Sharpen

Effects- 3D Effects: Drop shadow (2-2-65-4)

27-Open the tube: Snow man (Kardan adam)

Paste as new layer

28-İmage-Resize 65

29- Place the bottom right corner

30-Alien skin Eye Candy 5-İmpact
Perspective shadow

User settings
Bye Bye 2014


İf you want, 
Use the settings you see below


31-Open tube: Santa claus (  Noel Baba)

Paste as new layer

İmage-Resize 60

32- Place the bottom-left corner

33-Alien skin Eye Candy 5-İmpact
Perspektif Shadow

User setting
Bye Bye 2014

34- layer should be as follows:

35- Foreground color: #FFFFFF

36- New raster layer

37- Paint brushes - snow flakes  (kar taneleri)


Size: 220

38- Click once to upper right corner

39- Effects- 3D Effects: Drop shadow(0-0-85-0)

40- Selection- Custom selection


41- Selections- invert
Delete or
Edit- clear

Selections-Select none

42- Open the Text

Paste as new layer

place it where you want

43-Layers-New raster layer
Write your name or put your watermarkt

44- İmage-Add borders
1 px black

45- İmage- Resize

Widht: 900 Height: 569 Piksel

Lock aspect ratio: Checked
Resize all layers: Checked 

File- Save as Jpeg

To move to the second stage

46-Copy merged

(Open the program: Jasc animation shop)

Second stage :

Open, Jasc Animation Shop,

1 - Copy merged the main work
Go to animation shop

Click on an empty space

Paste as new animation

2- Duplicate: Eleven frame(11)

3- Open the animasyon: 2015
  This animation has 11 frame

4- click on the first frame of your main work

Edit-Select all

5- After, click on the first frame of the animasyon 2015 
Edit- Select all

6- Again, click on the first frame of the animation 205

Drag down to the first frame of your main work

7 - Edit-Select all

8-Animation- Frame properties: 40

9-  Click on the 10. frame

Animation- Frame properties: 100

Click on the11.frame
Animation- Frame properties: 250

( 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 . frames propertes is: 40 /   10. frame is: 100  / 11. frame is: 250 )

10- View Animation

11 - File-Save as Gif

Our result here

My another versions:

I hope you enjoy

Thank you

Msrf Designs
December 2014

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