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Merci Franie

Thank you Pinuccia
Bedankt, Lisette

Unplugged tool- interlace
Mura’s Meister- Perspective Tiling
Tramages- Tow the line

Paysages and hommes tube by Nikita
Woman tube by Athe

Alternatif > download:

#3b291d #b09f84
So let's start
1- File- new image- open new layer transparant 850 x 700 px.

2- Foreground color:#b09f84 ( light color )
Background color:#3b291d ( dark color)

Flood fill tool > Fill, image with background color: #3b291d ( dark color)

3- Layers- New raster layer 
fill #b09f84 ( light color )
4- Effects-Plugıns > Filters Unlimited 2.0 - Unplugged tool- interlace
5-Effects- Reflection effects- Kaleidoscope
6-Effects- Artistic Effects- Hot and wax coating
7-Activate Raster 2
Layers- Duplicate
8-Efects- Plugins > Mura’s Meister- Perspective Tiling
9-Effects- 3D effect- Drop shadow
-4/-4/80/8 Black
10-Open image 0050 @
Edit - copy
11-Activate raster 2

Layers-New raster layer
Selections- select all 

paste into selection
     Selections-Select none
12-Blend mode: overlay
opacity 40 or 34

13-New raster layer
Fill #b09f84 ( light color )
14- Layers/ new mask layer / from image
Find the mask: Caty2o18it4yl
 Layers- Merge- Merge group

15- Selection - Custom selection ( as follow) 
Layers-New raster layer 

Prepare the following gradient with foreground and background colors

fill with gradient

Your image should be like > as follow

16- Open paysages Nikita
( clear watermarkt) 
Edit- copy
17- Paste into selection
Selections- select none
18- Effects- 3D effect- Drop shadow
19- Activate  layer group raster 4  
 selection- custom selection
20-New raster layer
fill with the same gradient
21- Open hommes @ image
Edit- copy
Edit-paste into selection
22-Selections- select none
Effect- 3D effect- Drop shadow
2/2/80/8 Black

23-Activate layer > group raster 4 
Selection/ costom selection
24-New raster layer 
fill with the same gradient 
25- Open hommes @ image

Edit- copy
Layers-New raster layer

paste into selection

26- İmage - mirror ( while still selected)

Selections- select none 

Layers- merge- merge down

27- Effects - 3D efect- Drop shadow
(2/2/80/8 Black)
28-Again, activate layer > group raster 4
selection/ custom selection
29- New raster layer
fill gradient 

open hommes @ image

Edit- copy
paste into selection
30- Selections- select none
(2/2/80/8, black)
Effects- 3D effects- Drop shadow ( same parameters)
(2/2/80/8 black)
31-Activate layer group raster 4
Layers-  New raster layer
Selection-custom selection
  fiil with the same gradient 
Open hommes @ image
 paste into selection

32-Selections- select none
Effects- 3D effects- Drop shadow ( same parameters)
(2/2/80/8 black)
33- Layers-Merge-Merge all
34-Open image 3
copy-paste as new layer
35-Effects - image effects- offset
36- Open image 4  (screw)
copy-paste as new layer /
put aside as follow
37- Duplicate
Place the lower right corner ( as follow)

38-Open image 5 
copy - and paste as new layer 
 Place the bottom left corner
Effects - 3 D effect -Drop shadow
 same parameter
(2/2/80/8 black)
39-İmage Add border 1 px #3b291d

40-İmage Add border 35 px #b09f84

41-Selections-select all 
Selections-  Modify - Contract 36  px
 Selections- İnvert
42-Effects-Plugıns- Filters Unlimited 2.0 - Unplugged tool- İnterlace

43-Selections- İnvert 
 Effects- 3D Effect- Drop shadow 
(2/2/80/8 black)
Selections-Select  none

 Activate top layer 
 image- resize % 93 percent
(Resize all layers: unchecked)
45-Activate bottom layer 
 Effects -Plugıns> Filters Unlimited 2.0- -Tramages - Tow the line
46-Merge visible 
 open deco 1 

 copy  and paste as new layer 
  Place as in final image 
İmage -flip 
 image- mirror 

47- Open Athe FM 539 ( woman tube) 
 copy - paste as new layer

48-İmage - resize  % 65 percent
(Resize all layers: unchecked)
49-Effects - image effect - offset
50-Effects 3D effect - Drop shadow

51-Open image 8 text 
 copy and paste as new layer 
 İmage- rotate -  free rotate - right 90

52-Effects - image effects - offset
-370 / 45
53-Add your name or watermarkt

54-Add border 1 px, symmetric,  #3b291d

55-İmage-resize  Width: 900 px.
56-Save as JPG
Another version

Woman tube by Annelies
Man and couple tubes by Athe

I hope you enjoy
Thank you


My friends versions:
Merci Franie
Thank you, Lisette 

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