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My new tutorial
BEAUTY - Lily Woman

Msrf Designs
New tutorial

Merci  Franie Margot

Thank you Angela

Thank you Pinuccia

This tutorial was written with PSP 9 but you can also be other versions
This tutorial is a personal creation.
Can not be used or distributed without permission received in forum.

*AFS import-Streaker

*Alien Skin Eye Candy 5-İmpact  /  Perspective shadow

Materials: Click below


Paysages  : Reveries
Other deco ve tube: unknown

*double click on the preset to install it
*duplicate the tubes, close the originals and work with the copies
*copy/paste the texture  into the folder « texture » of « My PSP Files »
*open the mask 154-Azalee and minimize it
*Open color palette

You can change the settings if you use different colors and decoded.
Read the following lines you can use to the keep track of...
Pull and hold on mouse

Let's start working

1-Background color  #f2ebb4 (Light color)
  Foreground color #e60404 (dark color)

2- Gradient  / Rectangular 
Angle: 0 / Repeats:0 
( Foreground = dark color should be at the top )

   * No invert

3- Open File-New
   New image: 850 x 550

    Transparent image

4- Fill gradient

5-Effects-AFS import-Streaker ( 44-93-38-9-111-0-0-0) /  Ok.

6-Layers -Duplicate
   İmage -mirror

7-Blend mode: Multiply
 Layers-Properties / Opacity: 60



9-Effects-Geometric effects-Skew (40)  

10-Drop shadow:


   Effects-İmage effects-Seamless tiling / Defaullt

12-Merge down
    Select all

13-Select-Modify contract: 40

14-Effects-Texture effects-
Mosaic- Antique

15-Effects-3D effects- Drop shadow ( 3-3-35-15)

16-Keep select

17-New raster layer
    Open misted paysages (Manzara)

Edit--Paste into selection

18-Layers-Properties / Blend mode: Hard Light / Opacity: 84
   Selections -Select none

19- Open Deco 1

20-Layers-Properties / Blend mode: Dodge / Opacity: 32

21- Open Deco 2

22-İmage-Resize 85

     Blend mode: Dodge

23-Layers-New raster layer
    Fill   #ffffff color

24- Open mask  Zambak

     Layers- New mask layers-From image 
Find mask Zambak


25-Layers- Merge group

26-Adjust-Sharpness-Sharpen more
     Opacity 70

27-Open Deco love
  Blend mode: Dodge

28-Effects- İmage effects- Offset
    H: -240 / V: 175

28-Layers-Merge visible

29-Layers- Duplicate
    İmage-Resize 95

Resize all layers uncheck

30- Effects-Alien Skin Eye Candy 5-İmpact
    Perspective shadow

Setting- User setting 
find Lily Woman'ı 

31-Activated bottom layer (merged )

  Effects- Texture effects-Weave
   Weave color: #ef1b25   Gap color: #ffffff

 32-İmage -Add borders 1 px.  #ef1b25

    İmage-Add borders 40 px #ffffff
33- Magic wand,
Click the last border and select

34-Effects-Texture effects-Texture
    Find wov9rwkh

35-Select- invert
    Effects-3D effects-Drop Shadow (4-4-35-10 )

36-Select none

37-Open  woman tube


39-Effects-Alien Skin Eye Candy 5-İmpact
    Perspective shadow
Settings-User setting
find Lily Woman

40-Effects-İmage effects- Offset ( H. -180 / V:-50  )

41-Open Text

42-Effects-İmage effects- Offset ( H:  130 / V: 220 )

43-Activated the bottom layer


44-Effects- Reflection effects- Kaleidoscope

    Blend mode: Burn

45-Effects-İmage effects- Seamless Tiling
    Factory Default

46-Activated the top layer

  Open Deco Çiçek

47-Effects-İmage effects- Offset ( H: -370 / V: 0 )

48-İmage -Add borders 1 px. #2f2513

49- İmage-Resize 
900 px.

(Resize all layers : checked)

50- Put your name or watermark

50-Save as JPEG

Thank you
I hope you enjoy

Msrf Designs
November 2014

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