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Pink Paradise - New tutorial

Eskişehir EmlakEskişehir EmlakEskişehir EmlakEskişehir EmlakEskişehir EmlakEskişehir EmlakEskişehir EmlakEskişehir EmlakEskişehir EmlakEskişehir EmlakEskişehir EmlakEskişehir EmlakEskişehir Emlak

Pink Paradise
My new tutorial

Translation by Franie Margot

Translation by Harmi

This tutorial was made in PSP 9, but you can also be done witn other versions of PSP

*Filters unlimited 2.0 - Tile & Mirror
*dsb Flux-Linear Transmission
*L en K's-Zitah
*Alien Skin Xenofex 2-Lightning
*Filters unlimited 2.0-Photo Aging Kit- Photo Frame 2
Plugins download:

Material download:

-Copy the the selection files to the Selections folder of PSP
-Copy the the texture files to the Textures folder of PSP


Ders aşamalarını aşağıda gördüğünüz çubukla takip edebilirsiniz.


So let's start

1-Set the Foreground to #b1196f dark
  And the Background to #f3c3dd light
Switch the foreground color to gradient
2-Color palette
Set your foreground and background to foreground / Background gradient
Angle:0 Repeat: 1
3- Open a new transparent image 850 X 550 pixels.
Fill with the gradient

4-Filters Unlimited 2.0 - Tile & Mirror - Kaleidoscope 1

5-Selections-Select all
  Selections-Modify- Contract 40 px.

6-Layers-New Raster layer(Raster 2)
7-Flood fill tool
  Fill with Foreground color: #b1196f dark

8-Selections-Modify- Contract 2 px.
  Color palette- Change the Foreground color to: #27c795 Green
  Keep the same Background color light
9- Color palette
   Linear Angle:0 Repeat: 1
   Flood fill tool
Fill the selection with gradient

10-Selections-Modify- Contract 15 px.
11- New raster layer (Raster 3)
    Ildiko’s background-Edit-copy
    Edit- Paste into selection
   Selections-Select none
12-Effects-Edge effects-Enhance
    Layers- Duplicate (Copy of Raster 3)

    dsb flux- Linear Transmission(5-7-50- vertical)

14-Effects-3D effects-Drop shadow (2-2-55-3)

15-Layers-New raster layer
16-Selections/- Load/ Save selections
     Load Selection from disc- Pinkparadise

17- Repeat step 7- 8 and 9
18-Double click on this layer and set Blend mode to overlay
    Effects-3D effects-Drop shadow (2-2-55-3)
    Keep selection

19- New raster layer(Raster 5)
     Open paysages-copy-paste into selection
20-Selections-Select none
21-Open deco 1
    Copy-paste as new layer(Raster 6)
22-İmage-Resize 90

    Double click on this layer and set Blend mode to Dodge

23-Open butterfly deco
On your work image
Edit-paste as new layer(Raster 7)
24-İmage-Resize 90
    Blend mode:Overlay
25-Effects-İmage effects- Offset (-235/0)

26-Click to Raster 1 ( activated)

    L en K’s Zitah

28-Click to Raster 1 ( Stay in the first layer )

29-İmage-Canvas size
    Width 950 px. Height: 650 px.

30- New raster layer (Raster 8)
      Selections-Select all

31- Open Ildiko’s background-copy
      Paste into selection
32-Blend mode: Overlay
    Selections-Select none

33-İmage-Add borders 1 px. #f5cff2

   İmage-Add borders 20 px. #a737a0

34-Magic wand
    Prepare the settings you see in the figure below

    Click on the last frame
35-Effects-Texture effects-Texture

    Find- Texture 23

36-Effects-Edge effecys-Enhance
   Selections-Select none
    Alien Skin Xenofex 2- Lightning

   Prepare the settings you see in the figure below

38-Open Angel  tube
    Copy-paste as new layer (Raster 1)
    Resize if necessary with İmage-Resize
39- Double click on this layer and set layer Opacity to 48

40-İmage-Add borders 1 px. #f5cff2
    İmage-Resize 90

41-Click to bottom layer

    Effects-Plugins-UnPlugged Tools- İnterlace

42-Open deco: World -Copy
    Click top layyer- Paste as new layer
43-İmage-Resize 90
44-Place the left lower or place it wherever you want
    ( Use a bit of shade if you use something else - with Effects-3D effects-Drop shadow )
45-Open woman tube
    Copy-paste as new layer
46-İmage-Resize 85

47--Place the right or place it wherever you want
48-Effects-3D effects-Drop shadow (5-5-55-6)

49-Put your name or watermarkt
50-Open text
    Copy-Pate as new layer
    Place it wherever you want
51-İmage-Add borders 1 px.#000000 Symmetric
52-İmage-Add borders 10 px.white #ffffff Symmetric
53--Filters Unlimited 2.0 - Photo Aging Kit
      Photo Frame 2- Apply

    Width: 900  Height::600 pixel
    Lock aspect ratio: unchecked

55- Save as JPEG

This is my result

I hope you enjoy
Thank you.

Müşerref Özdaş

Extra example:

İf you wish yo can post your result on my Facebook page.

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