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Ying Yang / New tutorial / Msrf Designs

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Andrew Filter 56 - A bit left over gradient 

Alf’s Powers toy - Split Distortion 

Grafic plus-Horizontal mirror

Sandflower Specials- Design blind

Alien Skin ( Eye Candy 5 İmpact )- Perspective shado

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Ying Yang

Merci Franie

Thank you, Lisette


This tutorial created with PSP x 9

Before open your tubes and mask in to PSP

Save brushs

You can change blend modes according to you color

So let’s start

1- File-New- Open new image 800 x 550
Ying Yang

  Set your foreground color to   #f8f7f1 ( Light color)

  Set your background color to #b5012b ( Dark color)

2- Fill with gradient

Ying Yang
3-Layers- Duplicate
4- Effects- Andrew Filter 56 - A bit left over gradient
Ying Yang
5- İmage- Resize 90
Ying Yang
6- Layers-Duplicate
7- Alf’s Powers toy - Split Distortion
Ying Yang
  Effects- Grafic plus-Horizontal mirror
Ying Yang
9-Effects- 3D Effects- Drop shadow
Ying Yang

10- Effects-Sandflower- Design blind
Ying Yang

Ying Yang

11--İmage -Resize 90
12-New raster layer
Ying Yang
13-Flood Fill tool aracı ile background color: #f8f7f1 ( Light color)  
     Opacity: 60
Ying Yang
14-Open mask ( İmages(1)
     Layers- New mask layer from image
Ying Yang
15- Layers- Merge- Merge group
Ying Yang
16- Effects- 3D effects- Drop shadow
Ying Yang

      Opacity 60

17-Open woman tube     Edit-copy

    Edit paste as new layer 

    ( İf you want / İmage-Resize  a little )

Ying Yang

19-Effects--Alien Skin ( Eye Candy 5 İmpact )- Perspective shadow

     Settings: Drop shadow, Blurry


     Click OK

20-Open couple tube.


     Edit- paste as new layer
     Place the right side

     ( İf you want / İmage-Resize )

21- Blend mode: Burn or  Multiply

     Opacity 60

     You are free…      Make it how you want

22- İmage- Add borders 1 px. black color

    İmage add border  2 px. #f8f7f1 ( Light color)

   image add borders 1 px. black color

   image add borders 50 px. #f8f7f1 ( Light color)

23-Layers-New raster layer

    Background color:  #b5012b ( Dark color)

24-Paint Brush- Köşe 1 ( Corner 1)

    Click once in the upper left corner

    As you can see in the figure below

25- Layers- Duplicate      Merge-Merge down

26-Layers- Duplicate

      İmage- Mirror


      Merge-Merge down

27-New raster layer

     Paint Brush- Köşe-2 ( corner 2)

     Click once in the upper right corner

     As you can see in the figure below

28-Layers- Duplicate

     Merge-Merge down

29- Layers- Duplicate

      İmage- Mirror


      Merge-Merge down

Your layers should be like:

30- Merge- Merge All (Flatten)


Custom selection

32- Layers-New raster layer ( Raster 3)

    Flood Fill Tool / #f8f7f1 ( Light color)

    With Opacity: 60

33- Selections-Select none 

34-Effects-3D effects- Chisel 

    Color: #f8f7f1

35- Opacity: 70

36- Open wordart


      Edit-Paste as new layer

      ( If you need to change the color /  Adjust- Hue and Saturation - Colorize … )

37-Effects-İmage effects- Offset

38- Layers-Duplicate



39- Open Range ( Yelpaze) deco


Click on the top layer

      Edit-Paste As New Layer 

40- İmage-Resize:60

     ( You can resize according to your own material)

41-The lower right corner or a place you want to insert

42-Effects- 3D effects- Drop shadow

43-Add your name or watermarkt

44-İmage- Add borders- 1 px.black


46-Save as JPEG

This is a result of work:

My another versions:

İf you wish you can post your result on my Facebook page:

I hope you enjoy

Thank you

Design and writing by Msrf Designs ( Müşerref Özdaş )


My friends versions:

Thank you, Lisette

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